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Aquarium filtration can be run with the addition of a chemical filtration such as activated carbon.

Activated carbon will remove or strip out organic pollutants which often discolour the water a yellowish colour, it will also remove metals, minerals and chemicals including medications and liquid plant foods. It is often observed that the water has extra sparkle when using activated carbon.



If activated carbon is used it is important it is replaced regularly as once it’s become fully exhausted it could release back into the water some of the pollutants it has removed. Every brand of activated carbon is different but we recommend it should be replaced every four to five weeks.

A good quality activated carbon is essential as some brands have elevated levels of phosphate, this can long term lead to algae issues in the tank. There are a selection of excellent brands to choose from, with the Biorb filters it must be carbon pellets - non pellets will be very messy and will clog the biorb filter and escape from the filter housing into the Biorb.

Matrix_carbonA trusted and recommend activated carbon pellet is the Seachem Matrix Carbon, available from the biorbforum sponsors Charterhouse Aquatics http://www.charterhouse-aquatics.co.uk/catalog/seachem-matrix-carbon-250ml-p-574.html this pot will likely last in excess of a year if being replaced on a monthly basis, offering excellent quality and value for money.

When fishless cycling a Biorb, Biorb Flow, Biube or Life tank which is recommended to create a safe environment for your fish, a popular fishless cycling method on the biorbforum is to use the Waterlife Biomature and Bacterlife products, it is important before starting the fishless cycle that any activated carbon should be removed from the Biorb filter as this will strip the Waterlife products from the water. If you are running the standard Biorb filter with the white Zeolite pellets located under the biorb filter sponge these should also be removed from the filter as Zeolite will remove the Ammonia needed to create a fishless cycle. Once the fishless cycle is completed, 10% weekly water changes will ensure that levels are kept in check and trace elements replenished in turn your fish can be safely and slowly added, meaning zeolite is not required as Ammonia levels will always be processed safely for the increased bioload you add to your tank.

We recommend to keep and use the initial biorb filter sponge for the first three months, this will ensure that beneficial bacteria has sufficient time to colonise on any decor, large pea gravel or media within the Biorb. If the orb-it filter sponge gets dirty simply give it a swish in removed tank water when doing your 10% weekly water changes. After the three month period a fresh orb-it filter sponge can safely be added every one to two months. As mentioned above the carbon pellets should be replaced every four to five weeks.

Sponge_hand_rightIf you would like further tips and advice on how to use this filter method and all aspects of the biorb, biorb flow, biube and life tanks please feel free to post any queries on the biorbforum, we're always happy to help!


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