Orb-it Filter Sponges in a BiOrb®

Orb-it SpongesA filter sponge is an essential part of the BiOrb aquarium filtering process, the mechanical sponge filtration will trap any detritus flowing through the filter helping to keep the Biorb clean, the sponge will also house beneficial bacteria helping to keep your Biorb a safe and healthy environment for your fish.

Orb-it filter sponges have been custom designed and manufactured they are fully tested for use in BiOrb aquariums and offer excellent quality.

We recommend to keep and use the initial filter sponge for the first three months, this will ensure that beneficial bacteria has sufficient time to colonise on any decor, large pea gravel or media within the Biorb. If the orb-it filter sponge gets dirty simply give it a swish in removed tank water when doing your 10% weekly water changes. After the three month period a fresh orb-it filter sponge can safely be added every one to two months.

If you would like further tips and advice on how to use this filter method and all aspects of the biorb, biorb flow, biube and life tanks please feel free to post any queries on the biorbforum, we're always happy to help!


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