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 Monday 14th November 2011

BiOrb Flow: Some additional items I will be using with the BiOrb Flow
Some of these items will likely be obvious, I thought putting together a list may prove beneficial for any new fish keepers starting out to see the sort of additions that can be useful to have.

As with other Biorb tanks I have had over the years I am opting for rounded gravel rather than the media, this will need very little sorting for pea size, this is important when using the stock filtration or it will clog and potentially jam the filter!


The biorb forum BiOrb compatible filter sponges, I'll be running the filter carbon free during the fishless cycle and long term as I've done previously in other BiOrb tanks.

I will keep the initial filter sponge in place for the first three months allowing beneficial bacteria to colonise, after that time I will change the filter monthly as sufficient bacteria colonies will be present in the BiOrb Flow tank on the gravel, decor etc.

If the sponge gets dirty a simple swoosh in removed tank water will clean it perfectly.


Dechlorinator I'm using AquaSafe.


The vital testing kit, API fresh water master test kit, tests for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, ph and high range ph, I will be using this to test daily during the fishless cycle and weekly after.


To fishless cycle, Waterlife Bacterlife and Biomature. I will do a Blog section on cycling using the Waterlife method, it is quick and easy and will make the BiOrb Flow safe for fish.


iHeat in such a small tank I felt a tiny heater would be easier to disguise.



You can swap the heater colour so it blends in with the tank you have. A great feature!


The PowerPod was larger and heavier than I had imagined, you can plug the iLight and standard BiOrb Flow light into this, together with the iHeat and the Reefone pump. I will be using a different pump but for me this is useful for the iLight and heater.


 A thermometer to keep a close eye on the temps.


Eheim 3701 air pump, very popular with Biorb forum members, members often comment that you can only hear the bubbles! I will keep the stock air pump as a spare.


Additional one way valves.


Coming next - Setting my BiOrb Flow up ready for fishless cycling...

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