Making a lid for the BiOrb Flow to accomodate the iLight

Tuesday 8th November 2011

BiOrb Flow: Making a lid for the BiOrb Flow

The BiOrb Flow was ordered from Charterhouse Aquatics who sponsor the Biorbforum, excellent service delivered the next day in the one hour alloted time they said it would.

Really pleased with the style of the tank. I decided I'd like to utilise my existing iLight so put the wheels into motion to make a lid that would accomodate one.

First step was to order a LED iLight tray that's suitable for the Biorb life tanks which does not fit the BiOrb Flow! So we measured the inset depth of the Flow lid aperture and it was 2mm so ordered some glossy black 2mm perspex to make our own Flow iLight tray.

Second step using the supplied BiOrb Flow lid (with single led light) as a tempalte we drew its outline onto the protective film of the perspex sheet and began to carefully cut out by hand using a very fine fret saw the new lid's center apeture...

iLight aperture cut-out

... eventually ending up with a neatly cut hole:

circle cut out complete

Third step check that it fitted the iLight... phew it does!


 Fourth step on to cutting the straight edges using a very fine tooth tenon saw

Cutting square edges

Fith step next those tricky corner curves...


...all four corners completed!

all corners complete

Sixth step In place to check the fit.
After an hour or so of fine-sanding to get the fit milimetre perfect, smooth and super shiny!

check the lid fits

Seventh step then to remove the protective film and set to some final edge polishing, ending up with the new lid and the iLight tray


Eigth step next task glue the two together. We sourced some suitable 2-part super-glue specifically (important!) for plastic and perspex and had some pegs to hand

lid kit

We coated both our cut-out perspex lid and the iLight tray parts with primer and left to dry for 30 seconds...

...then coated with the glue the LED tray only (important: only one part needs glue applied). Next we positioned both parts together line them up center hole to center hole and clamped all four corners with the soft clothes pegs and left assembled parts to fully cure for 60 minutes!


After the pegs were removed

lid stuck

Now the exciting part did it fit?

lid in place no light

lid in place light 1

lid in place light 2

It most ceratinlly did! Really pleased as it looks perfect and works a treat! :P

In position on my high glossy stand!

Flow on stand

Coming next - My BiOrb Flow kit list...

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