Setting up my BiOrb Flow

Monday 5th December 2011

BiOrb Flow: Setting up the Biorb Flow - ready for the fishless cycle.

My first job was to clean the tank and ensure it was water tight.

I washed the two bags of gravel and carefully added them to the Biorb Flow.  I have sucessfully used large rounded pea gravel in all my Biorbs over the years and the Biorb Flow was to be no exception, I like the way the gravel looks and it is really easy to keep clean.

As with the ceramic media it is essential that the gravel is larger than a pea in size or it will clog the filter.

This image shows half way through filling the Flow with just one of the bags of gravel in place.


In addition the filter was quickly assembeled with the orbit biorb compatible filter sponge a lovely fresh blue colour.

Installing sponge1

Quick and easy!


I will for the fishless cycle and long term be running the filter carbon free with just a sponge. Over the years this has proven itself an extremely effective and popular method on the biorb forum.

I looked for a long time for the perfect piece of wood, I wanted something that would wrap around and highlight the bubble tube, definitely a stunning feature in the Reef One range of tanks.

Finally I spotted a piece of horn wood that was just what I had in mind. Even better it needed very little soaking. Often soaking wood before adding it to the tank is advisable if you do not want a temporary brown tinge to your water. Some woods will release harmless tannins that can discolour the water.

Horn wood

I then filled the Biorb Flow with water added the correct dosage of dechlorinator and left it to come to temperature.

I decided not to add plants at this stage as some plants can suffer the effects of a cycle.

Coming next - Fishless cycling my BiOrb Flow up ready for fish...

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