Stocking my BiOrb Flow

Tuesday 3rd January 2012

BiOrb Flow: Stocking my BiOrb Flow.


With the Biorb Flow only being 15L my chosen fish needed to be small. I decided on Celestichthys margaritatus the common names would be Galaxy rasbora, or celestial pearl danio.

The maximum size they reach is 2.4cms. These are small shoaling fish that prefer to be in a group, although initially I have only added two so as not to stock the tank too quickly. I will have four to five in total keeping in mind although they are small they do require adequate swimming space.

Not the easiest fish to photograph but they've coloured up beautifully! Over the coming months as the Flow slowly matures I hope to add another couple.



This picture gives a good indication of just how tiny they are compared to the pea gravel!









Over the next few months I will hopefully take some additional shots but for now they are happily exploring their new home!


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